Car keys

Different kinds of keys

What kind of car keys do you have?

There are four common types of car keys today.
It depends on what kind of car key you have, how much it costs to make one.

Keyless Go:

This is more like a pendant you carry with you, rather than a real key.
The car will decipher the code of your key so that you can start it.
This key usually works with a start button, allowing you to start the car when it is in the car.

Laser-cut key:

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Foldable car key:

The Collapsible Car Key, as the name suggests, can be folded when not in use.
This key consists of two parts: namely the 'key part' with which you open your car,
and a housing. The collapsible car key can be standard or laser-cut.
With the standard collapsible key you can easily replace the key part when it is damaged. If necessary, it is also possible to replace only the casing.

Transponder car keys (mechanical):

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Replacement and repair of classic car keys and smart keys

Almost all car brands and models

Lost your car key or smart key or your key is damaged? No problem! We repair and duplicate keys of practically all car makes and all models, even in case you have lost all your keys.